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Egypt Facilities
Marine Activities
  • Building of all kinds of merchant &cargo vessels up to 38500 tdw on inclined berth age and repair of all kinds of merchant, navy vessels, oil rigs, marine platforms and petroleum tanks. 
  • Building & repair of all types of marine service units up to 1500 tdw on mechanical slipway.
  • Building & Repair of GRP boats up 15m.
  • Repair of all kinds of cargo & navel vessels up to 85000 tdw, on docks or on berthages.
  • Ship demolition up to 40000 tdw.
  • Products of ship demolition (Steel, Equipments, Main Engines, Diesel Generators, Aux-Generators, Pumps, etc.) are available for selling.
Graving Docks Characteristics

Docking facilities are afforded for vessels up to 10.000 tdw in the small dock, and 85.000 tdw in the big dock.

Dock Length Breadth Depth Cranage
Small Dry Dock 158.50m 18.90m 6.40m 2×12ton
Big Dry Dock 267.00m 39.60m 9.50m

Ship Building Facilities

The yard has two building berths, building general cargo vessels up to 20,000 tdw and tankers or bulk carriers up to 35,000 tdw with an annual maximum building capacity of 52,000 tdw and bulk carriers up to 38,500tdw.

Building Berth Characteristics
Berth Length Breadth Cranage
Northern Berth 180.00m 28.00m 3×30tons
Southern Berth 180.00m 28.00m 3×90tons

Mechanical Slipway - lifting capacity of 600 tons affording building facility on two ways for all types of small vessels up to 1.500 tdw.
Way Max. Vessel length Max. Vessel breadth Cranage
4 Ways 60,00m 12.00m 2×25tons

Bertheage - total quay length for vessels undergoing new building out fitting &/or repairs is 1,200m with four 30 tons traveling cranes & one 25 tons tower crane.

Container Repair Work Shop - 120m length, 25m width, 12m height

Workshop Facilities

Steel fabrication and assembly work shops - Machine work Shop - Machine tools work shop - Foundry workshop - Blacksmith and forging work shop - Pipe work, coppersmithing & alloy piping workshop - Galvanizing & electroplating workshop - Heat treatment workshop - Electrical workshop - Painting & Insulation work shop - Carpentry workshop - Aluminum fabrication , Equipping & Repairing containers work shop - GRP boat building workshop - Container repair workshop - Laboratories: for metallurgical - physical testing, spectrographic examination of welds, magna flux & ultrasonic crack detection - Oxygen & Acetylene generation plants & compressed air -Fleet of trucks & mobile cranes.

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