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Ship Repairing

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Ship repairing has been in the Tzortzis family for four generations. We may even say that the Tzortzis family are the pioneers of this industry in this region. The Group was established in the 1940's in Famagusta, and has been operating in Limassol Port since 1974. Now with the expansion of the Group into Alexandria, FAMA GROUP is probably one of the largest Shipyard operators in the Eastern Mediterranean & Europe.

The upgrading of the shipyard entered the Group into the heavier yet more engineeringly challenging areas of major conversions and specializing in Offshore Vessels full activity including mobilisation and demobilisation. Specialisation services expanded to companies such as VOITH for their VOITH Schneider Propulsion Systems, ABB for Turbocharger overhauls and repairs, ABS cladding of stainless steel shafts, and overhauling / repairing of any type of main engine / Aux. engine.

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FAMA's expansion of its ship repairing / ship building services in Egypt Alexandria has made the Group the up to day players of this industry in this region of the world. Its experienced European management in combination with the offered facilities, equipment and unlimited skilled personnel can successfully cover in an efficient and professional manner all ship building and ship repairing activity offering high quality of work, time punctuality at a competitive cost. Limassol's facilities can dry dock vessels of up to 85m and berth for any type of vessel of up to 150m. The expansion to Alexandria, has diversified our market to the repair of vessels up to 85000 tdw, and to the building of vessels of up to 35000 tdw.



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