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Our History
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The Group was established in the fourties in Famagusta, Cyprus, and has been operating in Limassol port since 1974. The founders commenced the Group owning and operating one of the biggest work shops in the Middle East and slipways in the Port of Famagusta, the biggest at the time and busiest port of Cyprus.

The Group suffered a major setback in 1974 due to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus resulting to the occupation of Famagusta town.This had catastrophic effects on the Group as all its assets and facilities were lost. The Group having as the only ammunition its long experience and reputation as well as the support of its clients restarted its operation in Limassol Port where it established the FAMA Group Shipyard, the only shipyard in Cyprus, with a floating dock that was built by the yard to LLoyd's Register. The Shipyard covers all scope of ship repairing activity with extensive fabrication and construction support facilities.

FAMA Group has grown consistantly due in part to its policy of investment, expansion and diversification of its business whenever compatible opportunities exist. The upgrading of the shipyard entered the Group into the heavier yet more engineeringly challenging areas of major conversions and specializing in Offshore Vessels full activity including mobilization and demobilization and to the repair and modifications of oil rigs in the region. FAMA has expanded its specialized services also with companies such as VOITH for theis VOITH Schneider Propulsion Systems.

The upgrading of the shipyard entered the Group into the heavier yet more engineeringly challenging areas of major conversions & specializing in Offshore Vessels full activity.

An Offshore Full Support Base, covering all needs for Offshore Vessels & Oil Rigs: Oil Rig Repairs / Modifications, Subsea Vessel Mob / Demob, Shipping Forwarding & Agencies, Spare Parts & Storage Facilities, Non Destructive Testing, Cranage, Dry-Docking & Repairs, Major Conversions / Modifications & Fabrications, New Designs & Constructions, Ship Demolition, Ship Design and Building, High Steel Structure Constructions & Maintenance, Riggers, POL Constructions & Repair, Vessel Salvage, Underwater Steel Repairs, Contracting, Mechanical Overhauls & Repairs, Hydraulic Repairs, Grit Blasting, Tank Cleaning & Coating, Cladding & Rebuilding of Stainless Steel Shafts, VOITH Service Station, etc

The Group has expanded its ship repairing / ship building services in Alexandria Egypt. FAMA with its experienced European management in combination with Alexandria's offered facilities, equipment and unlimited skilled personnel can successfully cover in an efficient and professional manner, all ship building and repairing activity offering high quality of work, time punctuality at a competitive cost. The expansion to Alexandria, has diversified our market to the repair of vessels up to 85000 tdw, and to the building of vessels of up to 35000 tdw.

The geographical location of Cyprus and Egypt, are at the crossroads of three continents Europe, Asia and Africa in connection with the ideal weather conditions makes FAMA very promising for shiprepairing and shipbuilding activity.


The FAMA Group history, and that of its founders, the Tzortzis family, has always been associated with the shipyard activity of Cyprus. They are classified as the pioneers and the major up to day players in the area for this type of service. FAMA's reorganization plan contributed to the improvement even more of the good reputation of its shipyards by establishing the shipyards as one of the most reputable shipyards in the Eastern Mediterranean offering very high standard of services, time punctuality, whilst maintaining its commitment to safety. This is justified by the large number of satisfied clients operating in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as the Red Sea who choose FAMA Group and its shipyards, for their major repairs and or conversions, in preference to neighboring shipyards such as in Greece, Israel, Turkey and Lebanon.

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