Offshore Full Support Base
Establishment of an Offshore Full Support Base, covering all needs for Offshore Vessels & Oil Rigs in the region, with private piers and qualified workshops & personnel. Support includes: Oil Rig Repairs / Modifications, Subsea Vessel Mob / Demob, Shipping Forwarding & Ship Agencies, Spare Parts & Storage Facilities, Supply Logistics, Flying Squad Teams to any...(Read More...)

Completion of Oil Rig Atwood Beacon
Completion of Oil Rig Atwood Beacon. Some works included:7000 Square Metres Grit Blasting & Painting of: Hull; Leg Wells; Deck & Hand Rails. Various Steel Fabrications & Repairs of cement tanks and hull, usage of our Offshore Support Base for all Rig's Supply Logistics, etc.(see contracts offshore ... (Read More...)
Tidewater's M/V John P Laborde & M/V Oil Traveller
Minor repairs of Tidewater's MV John P. Laborde that is chartered out to Noble Drilling & also minor repairs and steel work to Tidewater's M/V Oil Travellar that is stacked in our yard. (Read More...)
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